Introduction: Before we start, let’s briefly discuss about what the send_config_set and send_config_from_file methods are? in Network Automation. These methods are part of the Netmiko library, which is a multi-vendor library that simplifies the process of working with network devices. The send_config_set method sends configuration commands to a device from a list, while the send_config_from_file

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Introduction: In this tutorial, we’ll be discussing the concepts of “read timeout” and “expect string” in netmiko send command method. If you’re familiar with network programming, you might have come across situations where a command takes longer than the default read timeout to execute. This can cause problems in receiving the response in the terminal.

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Introduction: Network automation has become a vital aspect of modern-day network engineering. Automating network configuration tasks helps to reduce manual configuration errors and saves time. Netmiko is an open-source library that makes network automation tasks easier. In this article, we will learn what Netmiko is and how to use it for day-to-day network automation tasks.

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